Ramsay Falcove
January 20, 2018

Myofascial Release John F. Barnes Approach

True John F. Barnes MFR is a full body, hands on technique that was developed and refined by John F. Barns. This technique releases the fascial system, a 3-Dimensional web that connects and surrounds every system and cell in the body. It helps remove the straight jacket from the body that creates the crushing force which decreases function, increases pain and decreases overall health. Through trauma a repetitive motion or positioning (lifting all day or sitting all day). restrictions can form in the fascial system. These restrictions can have the force of up to 2000 pounded per square inch. This force can literally crush any of the vital structures that are near it. Since the fascial system runs throughout your entire body, these restrictions can cause pain anywhere in the body and comprise any system. JFBMFR can increase overall health all the way down to the cellular level.